Saturday, March 10, 2012

Goodbye, America, Goodbye

From Jihad Watch:

Goodbye, America, Goodbye
Yes, everything is clear ...

The more time that the Obama Administration and the international community spend waiting for the Iranian regime to come to its senses and stop its "peaceful nuclear program," the closer the Islamic world is coming to a cherished dream: a nuclear bomb, and even world domination.

Want proof?

It is so obvious that even the blind and deaf can perceive it. Iran will not allow observers to view its military installations. Iran is increasing its military presence in the Strait of Hormuz, continues to finance Hizballah, is strengthening ties with Al-Qaeda, and continues to direct threats at the state of Israel and the United States. It is preparing and funding groups dedicated to committing terrorist acts against Israelis. It strengthens its economy in dealing with those countries that are ignoring the international sanctions, in defiance of the oil and financial embargo.

The fact that Iran has been able to find "new friends" in the region is also a fact.

A few days ago, Turkish authorities restricted flights from two Israeli airlines over Turkish airspace. This happened at the same time that around Israel a "green wall of Islam" is being constructed.

Turkey has offered to host a continuing dialogue with Iran.

Iranian religious leaders continue to mock the international community. They declare that the international embargo is unnecessary, for to build a nuclear bomb would be a terrible sin. In the meantime, Iran continues to work on a project that no one can verify.

Perhaps the game called "Thimbles" that is well-known around the world is also known in the U.S. The essence of this game is to find a small ball that is hidden under one of three thimbles. Imagine a case in which one player is carefully trying to determine which thimble the ball is under, but in this case, the other player has the ball hidden in his hand. What is the point of looking for it? It is no surprise that the first player cannot find the ball in the thimble.

In this case the ball is the nuclear ambition of Iran. To send observers to Iran is the same as looking for the ball under the thimbles when it is actually hidden in the other player's hand.

This is not just a game. Or if it is a game, it is a game to death, like Russian roulette. Everyone knows that Iran will make a nuclear bomb, and will share its nuclear arsenal with others, such as Turkey. At that point it will be harder than ever to stop the Islamic supremacy.

Amid growing tensions between Iran and Azerbaijan, the official envoy in Islamabad said in Baku that there was a need for an anti-Israeli military alliance of Muslim states. "Pakistan does not recognize Israel because of the Palestinian issue, does not recognize Armenia because of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, and supports Turkey's position (against the Greeks) in the matter of Northern Cyprus," said Pakistan's vice-president of the Senate, Jan Mohammad Khan Jamali, on February 29 at a press conference in the Azerbaijani capital of Baku. "In this context, he noted that in the current geopolitical situation, we must consider the possibility of creating a military bloc of Muslim nations." (

On February 27, Georgia officially signed a memorandum on economic cooperation in the field of industry and resources with Iran.

Here you have the power of international sanctions, and of the foreign policy of the U.S. President.

As they say - What goes around, comes around ...

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