Friday, March 9, 2012

Hostage taking is un-Islamic, part # 326480

From Winds of Jihad:

Hostage taking is un-Islamic, part # 326480

Nigeria rescue bid: Kidnapped Briton and Italian killed
A Briton and an Italian abducted in Nigeria last year have died been murdered by Islamic headchoppers in a rescue bid by UK and Nigerian forces, Prime Minister David Cameron has announced.
They musta been real bitches:
How to Avoid Rape in Muslim Countries (BBC)
This is an actual article from the BBC, telling female journalists how to ‘be safe’ in Muslim countries – by staying covered and staying fit enough to outrun the rapists.
Fox-chickencoop alert:
 Jihad and Ziad  terror in Israel
Complicity and stupidity:
Calypso Louis
Now, a quick look at the truth and facts around the slave trade of African blacks:

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