Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tajikistan: Muslims shouting "infidel" murder Santa Claus

From Jihad Watch:

Tajikistan: Muslims shouting "infidel" murder Santa Claus

Misunderstanders of Islam in Central Asia shout "infidel" as they murder a man dressed as Santa Claus, and Tajikistan's media says the murder didn't take place on religious grounds. Have they been taking lessons from the U.S. media? "Santa killed by Muslim fanatics for being ‘infidel’ in Tajikistan," from, January 2 (thanks to Silvester):
DUSHANBE. – An outrageous incident occurred in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, where a group of religious fanatics killed Santa Claus. Parvis Davlatbekov wore [sic] as Santa Claus to congratulate his friends for the New Year. However, a group of fanatics attacked and stabbed him by crying ‘infidel’ in the street.
The young man died on Monday without coming into consciousness. The unprecedented tragic incident is widely discussed in Facebook, ITARR-TASS reports.
Tajikistani MFA acknowledged officially the incident. However, it rejected that the brutal killing occurred on religious grounds but claims it was a regular violence.
Meantime, local media calls to pay attention to the discussions whether it is right to celebrate the New Year in a state where 98 % of population is Muslims.

Clearly not.

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